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How to cleanup actions in Installscript project ??


I'm using Installshield professional edition and using Installscript project(not Installscript MSI project) for my setup, which when buit creates setup.exe and cab-files. Now i have 2 important doubts on my setup,

1) How can I add an entry in Add/Remove programs for this setup ? I didn't find any "Summary Information Stream" table which I found in basic MSI or Installscript MSI project's thru which I can give the name I wish to be displayed n Add/Remove Programs ?

2) On the end of the setup(which just copies couple of directories), I want to remove a dir which is already present in side the setup dir? I tried writing a VBScript which deletes the folder, but I don't know how to call that script at the end of the setup ? I included that vb script under "Behaviour and Logic ->Support Files" and then written a function "OnEnd", and called that vb script inside the onEnd thinking that the function is called at the end of the setup automatically but the function is not at all called .
Please help.

function OnEnd()

STRING sWScript ;
MessageBox("calling Vbscript...",INFORMATION);
FindFile(WINSYSDIR, "WScript.exe", sWScript);
if sWScript != '' then
LaunchAppAndWait(WINSYSDIR ^ "WScript.exe", SUPPORTDIR ^ "del.vbs", WAIT);

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Re: How to cleanup actions in Installscript project ??

An Add/Remove Programs entry should automatically be created based on the information set in the General Information view for the project. In addition, the OnEnd event should always be called (unless the setup crashed).

Since you aren't seeing either of these occur, are you using a program...endprogram style script? If so, none of the standard script events will be called (including OnEnd) and an Add/Remove Programs entry will not be created (which is normally done in the OnMoveData event). It is recommended that the script be changed to use events instead of the legacy program...endprogram style script.
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