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How to access the path of temporary staged packages in Actions(PowerShell code) in Advanced UI Projects.

Hi ,

I am using Advanced UI project to combine different sub installers(Ex: mongo,rabbit MQ..etc) &  create a single unified installer.  after installing each sub installer, I have to do few post install configurations, for that I am using Events/Actions with PowerShell & attaching them to package configuring/configured events. 

As a part of post install configuration, I have to overwrite default mongo/rabbit configuration with application related configuration file.  Application related configurations I have added them to package as show in below screen.   when running action , in PowerShell i have to copy configuration from temporary/staged folder to target location, but I am not able to access the temporary location where each package is staged,

default location for staged packages is (C:\Users\<profileName>\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\{AAF47C0B-F89C-4C68-80AD-36DCD5C002BB})

Any idea how get the temporary staged location of each package in related Action PowerShell file ?

I am using InstallShield 2015 Premier.



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