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How to I use relative paths with InstallShield Limited Edition?


I am using InstallShield Limited Edition with Visual Studio 2012. I first created and built my project and InstallShield setup on my "E:" drive. I then copied the entire folder structure to my "C:" drive and tried to build the InstallShield setup. The setup would not build because it was still looking for the application files on the "E:" drive.

Looking at the ".isl" file in Notepad, I can see the application files are referenced with absolute paths starting with "E:".

How can I set up InstallShield Limited Edition to use relative paths, so that I can build from other locations?

Thanks for your help.

Bill Welch
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Looking for this too, anyone know if it is possible?
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there are a couple of files (added in step 2) that get hardcoded absolute paths in the .isl. They need to be relative because, depending on which developer is working on the project, they may be using a different drive letter (for either Clearcase view or for Stash drive location). This is a real problem. I tried manually editing the file and using "..\..\" but that didn't work. and since a couple of the files are not BENEATH the folder where the solution is, I can't use the solution variable to point to them.

If i look at the file in the files window (step 2 and click on files), when i right-click, there are properties there but nothing that lets me modify what the link is set to.

Please - InstallShield people - if you're monitoring this forum, I'm the 3rd person who's posted asking for help with relative paths. Please help!

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Relative path can be created in the Path Variable view. Unfortunately, this view is available in IS Professional and Premier, but not Limited Edition.

The blog below has a potential work around. However, it involves editing the project file directly.
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