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How to Create Logs for MSI,EXE in Suite UI


I'm creating unified installer with 4 MSI files,3 Exe files and 1 Suite project exe files for our project.

I want to get separate logs in %TEMP% folder for all the packages(msi,exe & Suite exe) during installation.  

I tried to enable the Log option and pass the log command line but it is not working 

Kindly help me to get all the logs.



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Unfortunately, just having the "Enable Logging Support" doesn't actually create the log. 

I have not tried to do this myself but, for the MSI's, what happens if you add something like to the Install "MSI Command Line"?

/L*v [PATH_TO_WHATEVER]installLog.log

Do the logs get created when you run the Suite with "setup.exe /debuglog"

A fail-safe option that I tend to do with a custom action is actually set the MSI logging option in the registry:


This will create an MSI***.log in %TEMP%%

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I'm trying to create log for MSI package and added below line in "MSI Command Line" but it fail to generate msi log file in specified path. /L*v [PATH_TO_WHATEVER]installLog.log Any idea to generate msi log from Suite UI project.
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