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Level 3

How to Call an Exe from an Application Exe using Inshallshield


I am new to Installshield can anyone guide me through the steps to achieve the following;

Currently in our project using the SSRS Report Services(ie; an EXE) installed prior to Main Application Installation(ie; an EXE) using installshield.

Now, How to call the SSRS Report Services(ie; an EXE) from the Main Installtion(ie; an EXE) using installshield.

Please assist me to proceed further.

In short way how to call a Exe (SSRS Report Service) from Main Application - Exe using Installshield. First the SSRS Report Service Exe need to complete the functioanlity and then process the Main Application (EXE).

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Level 9

You would probably start with the "Prerequisite Editor" in InstallShield
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Level 6

LaunchApp and LaunchAppAndWait are the script commands for calling a program from within Installshield. If you look them up in help you should find everything you need to know.
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