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How to Backup Existing Files while Installing Hotfix in Custom Action

Hi, i want to backup files in custom action while installing hotfix/patch
I want to do this in managed code custom action using InstallShield.Interop.Msi dll or any other dll. However i dont know how to get the installed files in run time(while installing) in my cutom action.
Does anyone know a function or something else that can get me the installed files(for example the path and thier name or something like that) in run time from Basic msi project?
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This might be a bit late for you but for anyone else that comes here.

In the InstallScript section create a new function with something like this:

function BackupSQLites(hMSI)
// for 32 bit
XCopyFile ("C:\\Program Files\\YOUR APP\\YOURFILE.txt" , "C:\\Backups", EXCLUDE_SUBDIR);
// for 64 bit
XCopyFile ("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\YOUR APP\\YOURFILE.txt" , "C:\\Backups", EXCLUDE_SUBDIR);

Then in Create a New InstallScript in Custom Actions and Sequences for this.
And then add it into the Sequences->Installation->UserInterface.

I put it before the Welcome windows.
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