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How can i change the Shortcut names by script


I want to change the Application shortcut name by InstallShield script. Any One Can help me please . 


I am attaching the screenshot. 

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @Sashikanta ,


I had attached sample script in the attachment Setup.rul which contains below functions:

  • ExFn_AddFolderIcon-Function that adds shortcut to application file that is in INSTALLDIR in both start menu & desktop during installation
  • ExFn_DeleteFolderIcon-Function that deletes shortcuts from both the places during un-installation
  • MyFunction-Function that sets productName

Attachment contains snapshots that shows custom-actions with install execute sequence(With conditions if required):

  • Shortcut_SetproductName.PNG-InstallScript CA which sets product name by calling MyFunction
  • Shortcut_GetINSTALLDIRProductNameProps.PNG-InstallScript CA which has property name as function name ExFn_AddFolderIcon by which you can retrieve both INSTALLDIR & productName properties
  • Shortcut_GetOnlyProductName_CA.PNG-InstallScript CA which has property name as function name ExFn_DeleteFolderIcon by which you can retrieve productname for shortcut deletion
  • Shortcut_AddFolderIcon_CA.PNG-InstallScript CA which calls ExFn_AddFolderIcon function on installation
  • Shortcut_DelFolderIcon_CA.PNG-InstallScript CA which calls ExFn_DeleteFolderIcon  function on un-installation
  • Please take the contents of setup.rul and apply it on your setup.rul and create these five installscript custom-actions to validate application shortcut under INSTALLDIR gets added/removed.
  • In the code change the exe name(here:explorer.exe to your application name)

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