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How can I require Administrator and still install for the user?

I need the setup program to have Administrator privileges to install some DLLs, however, it should only be installed for one user, not the whole machine.

If I don't require administrator, everything installs in the right user location, user registry, and shortcut menus appear for the user.

If I require administrator execution level for the setup, when the user runs it, it prompts for the administrator login as expected. However, it installs everything for the "Administrator" rather than the user, so everything is private and fine for the Administrator but isn't available for the original user.

That is, if the Administrator logs in, it shows up on the Start menu, the files are visible, etc. When the user logs in, nothing is available.

What am I doing wrong or does a setup which requires Administrator login automatically become available to everyone who logs into that PC such that it's really installed on the Local Machine? 

Thanks in advance for your help and insight.


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