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How Do You Deactivate A License That Resided on a Dead Machine?

I have a license for Installshield 2015 and had it licensed on a machine that died on me. I need to reactivate the license on the machine that has now replaced it. I'm not seeing anywhere on the Flexera site to do this online, so how does one deactivate a license when the machine it was licensed to no longer exists?

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You have to call Flexera directly and talk to their licensing group. I went though the same exact thing about a month ago when I got my new machine to replace one that died with the licenses active on it. Didn't take too long to get it all straightened out, but I was able to give them my info which they found in their system.

You can return the SAB licenses on their web site yourself, but not the full InstallShield licenses. For those you need their help.

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