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Hiding Features

Project Type: InstallScript, 2012 Premiere

I'm working on a prototype installer that will be running on two different types of machines and the installer needs to behave very differently on each machine type. One is a server-oriented environment and the other is a workstation-oriented environment. The workstation is nothing more than a subset of the server environment. Here is a feature tree that we would like to use:

Desktop Software
+- Feature 1
+- Feature 2
Web Software
+- Feature 3
+- Feature 4

"Desktop Software" is a parent feature and "Feature 1" is a child. "Feature 1" should be hidden and deselected for workstation installs unless a particular condition occurs. I cannot figure out how to hide a child feature. If I use the identical script logic and move this feature up (making it a sibling of "Desktop Software") the hiding functionality (FeatureSetData) works as expected.

Is this just how InstallShield works or is there some way to dynamically hide a child feature at run-time?
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Flexera Alumni

The FeatureSetData page has a link to the topic "Specifying Features and Subfeatures in Function Calls", which might help. The idea is that you give the full path to the subfeature, as in "Desktop Software\\Feature 1".
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