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Help me find/identify Visual C++ 2008 redistributable

I have identified that my software depends upon the installation of Visual C++ 2008 redistributable.

I cannot get install shield to do any of the following
1) Identify the MSM file and include in the core installation (prefferred)
There is and merge module for visual C++ 2008 service pack 1, but
a) I cannot download it from flexera because my corporate firewall blocks the link; and installshiled does not tell me what the link is so that I may download it by other means.
b) I don't think I really need the service pack, I want the core installation.

2) Add a prerequisite for the installtion of this package
I have the file vcredist_x86.exe, but cannot tell installshield to
a) check for a prior installation of visual C++ 2008 redistributable
b) actually execute vcredist_x86.exe as part of the installation.

My build environment is windows 7.1. I have 7 different target OS - it would be nice not to have to direct users to a manual install process.
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Re: Help me find/identify Visual C++ 2008 redistributable

You can tell Installshield to check for a previous installation of the redist. In the prerequisite editor there is a Conditions tab where you can specify the registry key to check for in order to determine if the package is already installed. To find out what the registry key is for that package just install it somewhere and then fin the key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{Whatever the GUID IS}

Just start at the Uninstall node and then do a search for 2008 redist to find which GUID belongs to your package. Be aware that there can be more than one 2008 redist build installed so check the InstallDate value.

Then once you find it, add the key as a condition to your prerequisite and select key does not exist.
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