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Good place to save data in Vista

Hi everyone,

With our install (Installscript) we allow our customers to select a default 'save data' location on one of my dialogs.

This is all fine and dandy but with Vista it doesn't work as well, as our default location is under c:\program files\, which is a no-no. If a customer chooses something under program files there's seems to be nothing but problems.

With MSI installs I have a ton of system variables I could choose to display (LocalAppDataFolder, CommonAppDataFolder, etc) but with Installscript I'm pretty limited.

Is there a fairly 'safe' place a customer can store data on Vista?
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First you need to decide which is the best place to store your user data depending wether is shared among other users or just for the current user. This document will tell you more about that:
Then you can make use of FOLDER_LOCAL_APPDATA or FOLDER_COMMON_APPDATA special folders.

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