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Getting Source is invalid due to missing/inaccessible package although cached file exists

I have an installation that is changing the value of the cached MSI partway through. I have checked and verified the registry has the new name and the file does exist in Windows/Installer.

MSI (s) (DC:DC) [14:08:07:287]: Executing op: ChangeMedia(MediaVolumeLabel=DISK1,MediaPrompt=Please insert the disk: 1,,BytesPerTick=0,CopierType=2,ModuleFileName=C:\WINDOWS\Installer\273e05a.msi,,,,,IsFirstPhysicalMedia=1)
MSI (s) (DC:DC) [14:08:07:287]: Executing op: DatabaseCopy(DatabasePath=C:\WINDOWS\Installer\273e05a.msi,ProductCode={B0D83A73-D070-4732-917A-75FAA4218D7A},,,)
MSI (s) (DC:DC) [14:08:07:303]: Note: 12318 2: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\273e064.msi 
I then install a patch. The patch installs successfully, but I do see errors and references to the original MSI file name:
MSI (s) (58:DC) [14:48:56:144]: SOURCEMGMT: Failed to resolve source
MSI (s) (58:DC) [14:48:56:144]: Repair: Could not resolve source
When I try to uninstall the patch, it seems to work for a while, with references to the correct cached MSI file name. Then, it does something and starts to look for the original MSI file, and pops up the dialog to browse to the source. The "Source is invalid due to missing/inaccessible package" displays. If I make a copy of the cached MSI, rename it to the original MSI, and then browse to that file when the dialog pops up, it will uninstall correctly.
All 3 logs from a past attempt are attached. Does anyone have any ideas? I have looked at these so long, my eyes are crossing.
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