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Level 4

Get the available SQL Server (MSI Basic)


How can I get a list of the available SQL Server which are in the network?
I try it with InstallScript (in a MSI Basic Project)... The code look like that:

function GetServer(hMSI)

LIST listID;


listID = SQLRTGetServers( FALSE );


But now I don't know how I bring that in my combobox... I try it with CtrlSetList but I don't use a resource and I don't think it would work with this comand...
Do you know the right command or an other way how I become all the SQL Server which are available into my Combobox?
I really hope you can help me... I'm going up the walls, I try that yesterday for 8 hours -.-
Thank you for your help!

best regards

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Level 8

The idea behind it is to use the listbox control on a dialog and link a property to the listbox(in properties of the control). Then you fill during your setup run the listbox table with the SQLServers that you find.

Good idea would be to read the help of the listbox table.
You fill in the property(you defined for the listbox control), order and the value(=value you will see in the listbox itself).
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