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Forcing USB Drivers to update.

Has anyone found a good way to force USB drivers to be updated in Windows 7? Now that we have our shiny new USB driver digitally signed by Microsoft we would like to ensure that it replaces any previous (lower issue number) driver the customer may have installed. We use DIFxDriverPackagePreinstall to pre load the driver. This does cause the driver to install if a previous version does not exist. We also tried DIFxDriverPackageInstall, this API function appears not to work at all.
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Level 10

I presume you use a pure InstallScript based project type, correct?
Which InstallShield version do you use?
DIFxDriverPackageInstall updates a currently installed older driver by default if the newer driver is a better match.
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Thanks for your reply. We do use an Installscript project and call the DIFxDriverPackageInstall after a scripted copy of the driver to the destination part way through the OnFirstUIBefore function just after the user has accepted or defined the install path.

Apparently the function does not cause an already matching older driver to be updated, at least not if the newer driver is JUST and newer version even if the newer one is signed and the older one is not. Maybe the phrase a "better match" means just that and a merely newer driver is not considered better!

Since it is the ID numbers which are being matched this does make sense once you have a driver with the correct ID no other driver can by definition be better! This may not be the design intent but it does appear to be what happens.
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