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Level 3

Force empty directories to be created

I'm using IS 2008 and an InstallScript MSI project.

I have a tree of directories I want to create. They are initially empty (at install time). I have a component set up for the top level and then use dynamic file linking to pick up the rest of the tree. However, when installing the empty folder are either not created or removed. Is there a way to force these empty folders to be created?

If I create a component for each sub directory (not really what I want to do) and set it's destination, would that force them to be created?
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Level 5

I am pretty sure that if you create a component for the empty dir it will create it. Not sure about the dynamic file linking. As useful as the dynamic file linking is, it can be quirky.
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Level 10

You might also want to take a look at the CreateFolder table.
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