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Files left over after Major Upgrade using Dynamic File link


I have read some posts about similar issues but nothing close enough.
I am seeing that following a major upgrade, a file which is included in the installation by a dynamic file link, has not been removed. In the old version of my product, the file name is Mainline. The new version it is called 1.0. The result of the upgrade is that I have both files.

My upgrade settings state "Install setup then remove unneeded files".
I have this set because of this known bug with upgrades:

The name of this file is meant to change from version to version. I suppose I could change it to use a named file however that would cause additional maintenance with each release (though not by an unacceptable amount).

Is there any way to deal with changing file names between major upgrades with my current settings? The file in question is not versioned.

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Level 3

Rob, I think you can delete files during upgrade using RemoveFile table. Is it acceptable?
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Level 6

It does and I have implemented this for now. I just wish there was a way to handle this without adding additional maintenance.
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