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Files in Files and Folders view vs Files in the components view

I have created directories and added files using the Files and Folder view. I see that InstallShield created components in the component view for every folder that I created.

My first reaction is that I am surprised that InstallShield just names the component "AllOtherFilles" as opposed to the folder name.

Since I added a dll I ALSO have a component that is the same name as the dll.

I went thru the userguide on adding files to a project and it seems like I am doing things correctly but I do not feel like I am doing things according to best practices.

If all I add is a dll can I get rid of the component listed as "AllOtherFiles"
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Re: Files in Files and Folders view vs Files in the components view

The AllOtherFiles components will contain any files that do not fall under the category of requiring their own component (which are usually executable type files with extensions such as .dll, .exe, .ocx, etc.) and needing to be the keyfile of that component. If these components contain files needed to be installed, they should be kept in the project (they should also be kept if all they do is install an empty folder that is needed). You can rename these components if needed.

When adding files through the Files and Folders view, InstallShield will attempt to follow best practice component authoring rules as documented in the following article:
Defining Installer Components (MSDN)
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