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Files and folders not deleted on Manual Uninstall of a Pushed MSI

Hello All,

i have a Basic MSI built using Installshield-12. the MSI installer Supports push installation from Windows Server 2012 R2.

What I am Doing :
1. Installing the MSI to Windows-7 client PC through Push installation.
2. Manually Uninstalling the application from "Add or Remove Programs" in Control panel.

Problem Faced :
Some files and folders are not deleted from installation directory after Uninstallation completes.

Observations :
-- Uninstallation is not Launched with elevated privileges when launched from Control panel.

-- when the UAC is turned OFF, files and folders are deleted with manual uninstallation.

-- with UAC kept ON and if i launch uninstallation with elevated privileges from command prompt, the files and folders are deleted.

Can anyone suggest how i can launch the Uninstallation from control panel with elevated privileges?

that is, Is there a registry that can be set to make the uninstall from control panel elevated? or any other possible solution for my problem.

Any help is greatly apreciated.

Best Regards
Prem Kumar R
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This is interesting behavior. I do not know if we face this issue in 2015, but in our case there are user files left behind so we do not want to delete the folder. 🙂

But to your issue. I would double check your general settings to be sure that you are requesting administrative rights for the installer. My guess though is that this is something that is embedded with the EXE wrapper and not with the MSI and is why you see the behavior.
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