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File in use dialog not appearing

i am working on Basic Msi install shield 2015 , i have created a setup exe after installing my setup , my application is usually launch inside the container.
My problem is - suppose if the user keep opening container (inside the container my application running) if he try to upgrade the new setup.exe, at this point my install shield window is crashing this will happen when i click on ready to install button here i am getting File in use dialog .
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Level 9

If you want to launch your application at the end of the Setup that is an option. But, you need to make sure the Setup.exe is shutdown AS you launch your application. So, if you are using InstallScript to launch it, for example, you might want to use LaunchAppAndWait but make sure you have the LAAW_OPTION_NOWAIT parameter set. Otherwise the Setup.exe will continue to run until you exit that first run of the application or some timeout occurs. That could be bad.

Remember that by the time a user is running your Setup.exe there is no InstallShield involved. Installshield is primarily the authoring tool and users will not have it installed on their computers at all.

The "Files in Use" dialog is not a sign of a crash. It just means that files which the installer intends to copy in are in use by something. You can't over-write files that are in use. If you are getting a related crash then look at what you are trying to do and determine if it can logically happen.

I often detect if my app is running as they launch my installers and let them know to go shut stuff down if I detect anything in memory. I have a ProcessesInUse dialog of my own and a custom action that runs to do the detect.

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