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File & Shortcut won't remove after uninstall


I encountered a strange behavior, not sure if that's a bug or unexpected action by install shield.
I searched online and just found another topic here with no solution!

My Basic MSI project has one EXE file on target machine with shortcut in Start Menu and desktop!

Anyway it's a single file with 3 shortcuts on Start Menu, one is normal, two with different arguments.

Problem is that if I add more than one shortcut to a single exe file, after uninstalling the test project, the shortcuts on start menu and desktop, among with the exe file itself is not removed from the target system!

I have used a different GUID for each shortcut component!

Any clue?

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Thanks, while it might fix the issue, but:

I need to find the root of issue, if this is a limitation of Microsoft MSI projects I can understand, otherwise this solution does not seem to be very perfect, why this should happen at first place? And can you create a sample project with 2 or 3 shortcuts to a single EXE and have them removed after uninstall successfully?