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Level 3

Fate of Wizard Bean during Silent installation

Hi All,
I have written some wizard Actions for installing prerequisite products and I have associated Pregress Bar as the User Interface.. How to handle this during silent installation of the product ?
Thanks & Regards,
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Flexera Alumni

What do you want to occur during silent mode? A silent installation normally displays no feedback...
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Level 4

Hi all,

First of all I wants to install my prerequisites in silent mode using the Custom Action or InstallScript in InstallScript MSI project...

Other than that I want to Associate the Silent installation of the prerequisite to the progress bar of my dialog.

Does any one have an Idea about how to associate running Process ID or Process Handle to the Progress Bar..?:confused: :rolleyes: 😮
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Level 9

I'm assuming you are adding your prereqs through the redist view. If you associate your prereq with a feature, it will show it being installed in the progress bar, otherwise it defaults to Install Before feature selection wich runs immediately if it is not installed.

Also to run the prereq silently - you need to edit the .prq file for the redist, click on the App to Run tab and enter in the arguments in the "Specify the command to run when silent":
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Level 9

Sorry - after reading your post again you are trying to run the prereq with a Custom Action. I think i would have IS deal with it and create your own redistributable and let MSI run the prereq. Not sure how you would do this in a Custom Action.
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