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Level 2

Fail in activation of InstallShield LE


After installing the InstallShield LE and trying to activate it I got a popup to register the product before activation.
I click on the button to register, but received the web page of the download.
Did anybody face the problem?

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Please close the registration link that pops up and make sure that you are entering a valid activation serial number when you are typing it into the InstallShield Wizard. If you are not sure, you can register for a new one. Or, feel free to post it or PM me and I can confirm the activation serial number's validity for you.

This could also be a serial number formatting issue. Ensure your serial number is 20 characters long and includes the dashes/hyphens. It is formatted as follows (7-3-10): XXXXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXX
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