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Exporting Components from .ism file to a new DIM file

I created a DIM file by exporting components from an existing .ism file. Then I built the DIM file successfully. The .msi from the DIM file build has the exported components with files and looks good. Ran the unit test .msi file and the files were installed. I then removed exported components from the feature in my .ism and added the DIM refrence to my .ism and associated it with the feature. Built the .ism with no errors. The .msi built from the main installer .ism does not have the components that are in the DIM file. No one else here has ever tried to export to DIMs. They have always built DIMs from scratch. What is the magic to make exporting components to a DIM file actually work and install files?
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Excuse for that I interfere … At me a similar situation. Write here or in PM. ?
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At all is not present. ?
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