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Exiting MSI install if user is not Admin on Vista

I don't know, but I must be missing something. I have my install set to check to see if the user is an Admin, I do the check for Privileged at the begining of the install and I also have the 'Require Administrative Pribileges' set to Yes, but when the install is ran on Vista with a Non-Admin user it will prompt for the Admin password and continue the install. During the install it will then encounter an error and exit.

If the user is a real admin then the install will go fine, but not under an regular user that enters the Admin password.

Is there any way I can totally prevent a Non-Admin from continuing the install until they actually log in as admin?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Flexera Alumni

Perhaps see if MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION will do what you want?
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Level 9

Okay so setting this property: MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION should force the user to log in as a real admin on Vista?

Will this property have any affect on XP/2000?

Will explicitly setting this property to 1 have any other affects on the install project? Causing any ill behavior?

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