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Excluding Language Specific Components

I'm brand new to InstallShield and am having difficulty excluding a language specific component from a release. I'm using the evaluation version of IS 2012 Premier. My goal is to support several different languages and to be able to do a separate build for each language that would include language independent components plus any components marked for the chosen language. Any components targetted specifically for a different language would be excluded.

What I've done so far is select the complete set of languages that I'm targetting in General Information/ Setup Languages. Then for a language specific component I select only the target language in the Component/ Languages field. Then I created a release targetted at one of the languages and, in the Releases/ Build area I selected the target language in the Data Languages field. Then I did a build and ran the installer.

I expected that on the target machine (after running the installer) I'd only see files that were linked by language independent components or components that had the targetted langage specified. Instead, I'm seeing files from all languages getting installed.

Am I misunderstanding how things work and could someone help with a few tips on how to accomplish the goal.

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I found the issue today and thought I'd share it with others. The problem appears to be that I did not use the Release Wizard when I was specifying the languages that I wanted to filter by in a release. Instead I used the Releases view and entered the language(s) that I wanted to include in a release in the Data Languages field of the property sheet. To me, this seems to be an appropriate way to specify the language(s). However, it does not work. If you check the SupportedLanguagesData field in the ISRelease table you'll see that no value is entered.

However, if you use the Release Wizard to define the release and, in the Filtering dialog, you check the "Filter Application Data based on the following languages" checkbox and then check the appropriate language(s), it all works as you'd expect. You can also confirm that the SupportedLanguagesData field in the ISRelease table now has a value in it.

To me this seems a bit like a bug in that one shouldn't have to use the Wizard and you'd think there'd be a way in the Releases view to accomplish the same behavior that you get by using the Wizard. Perhaps there is and I just haven't found it but so far the only way I've seen to filter by language is to either edit the ISRelease table directly or to use the Wizard.
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