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Better Solution

I had trouble with my solution listed 2 posts back, so I implemented Reureu's suggestion as follows.
Made a copy of InstallShield.targets and named it NoInstallShield.targets. I edited that to look like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\System

Then I went to the appropriate.isprojfiles and changed


This is working well.
Thanks Reureu
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Some more suggestions

If I were you, I would remove any reference to InstallShield.Tasks.dll. This file is not present if InstallShield is not installed.

It is also a good practice to define the "Clean" target in your NoInstallShield.targets.
This allows to call MSBuild with the "Rebuild" target.

This leads to the following NoInstallShield.targets:

I would also place this NoInstallShield.targets file in the same folder as the ISPROJ, and check it in under source control, otherwise, you will need to copy it manually on every developer's machine. But that's only my humble opinion.
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