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Excluding Config files from Package

Hi, we are moving from using Visual studio set-up projects to Install Sheild as we are moving to visual studio 2012. There does not seem to be a way to exclude certain file (such as the web.config) from the install package, as we do not want it to overwrite the web.config on the destination server.

Is there a way of doing this?


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I believe this one has to do with Windows install file replacement rules.

"Because unnecessary file copying slows an installation, the Windows Installer determines whether the component's key file is already installed before attempting to install the files of any component. If the installer finds a file with the same name as the component's key file installed in the target location, it compares the version, date, and language of the two key files and uses file versioning rules to determine whether to install the component provided by the package. If the installer determines it needs to replace the component base upon the key file, then it uses the file versioning rules on each installed file to determine whether to replace the file."
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