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Example Setup Script

Hello there I am using the install shield 2019 premier. I am very new to using install shield and I am trying to make an installer that has some customized dialogs that take in text and save it. I created a InstallScriptMSI Project. However, when I go to the Setup.Rul file there is nothing in it. However when I run the project there are several dialogs that come up and I have no idea where they are coded at.  Im just trying to find a reference for a setup script example so that I can learn how to code it. Could anyone please help me or point me to a setup script example for a dialog. 

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In the InstallScript window, You should be able to choose "Before Move Data" from the left dropdown (which says "Initialization" by default) and then "OnFirstUIBefore" from the right dropdown.  It will populate your Setup.rul with the code for that sequence.


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Hi @coolcasey11,


See the below links for how to create and process the custom dialog in Installscript and InstallScript MSI projects:

 As well you can get the install scripts for the existing dialogs from the drop down by selecting the Dialog Source, and Before Move Data for calling sequences.

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