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Error1-5036: Internal build error ISEXP Visual Studio 2012 WPF project


I'm using Visual Studio 2012 ultimate in WIn 7 OS and I have installed this tool and I have registered with the code received to my email.

I made the setup and the WPF build has no error but when i tried to run the Build for the setup project i'm getting this error. "Error 1 -5036: Internal build error ISEXP"/

I have re-installed the tool just make sure it's installed properly. I tried the process once gain but i'm getting the same error.

Please help me. Thank you.

Kindly regards,
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Hello Karthik,

To rectify the 5036 build error, click the Build tab in VS 2012 (top menu), select configuration manager and you should see that your IS setup file is selected on the DVD-5 configuration. Change this to CD_ROM and click close. Once you build/rebuild it will complete with no IS 5036 error.

Hope this helps.

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Followed the above and resolved. Pity that the error info says nothing how to handle the problem.
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