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Error "The installed version of the application could not be determined"

HI All,

We are upgrading our applications form IS5.X and IS6.X to IS2011.

When we try to install the upgraded version on top of IS6.X and IS5.X build version. we are getting Error "The installed version of the application could not be determined.Install will be terminate". After we found the function OnSetUpdateMode() need to change the x.xx.xx in the below line need to change.

//if ( !StrLengthChars( IFX_INSTALLED_VERSION ) && MAINTENANCE ) then

My doubt is what we need to set in place of "X.XX.XXX"

Our application versions are like"9.0.0.X" (build in IS6.0) (some of our application versions in both "8.0.0.X" and "9.0.0.X" )

The new(IS2011) build we are going to release is "9.1.1.X"

can some body advice what we need to replace in place of X.XX.XXX exactly.
so that we will be able to upgrade previously installed modules with the new setup (built in IS2011) ?

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Level 3

Any body is there to help me out 😞
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