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Error creating .Net oject (3.5 framework)

I have in InstallScript 2009 project. It installs the .NetFramework object 3.5 if necessary. I call DotNetCoCreateObject on a dll created with the .Net Framework 3.5. The call has worked for several weeks. I made some changes to the installscript and now my installer will only work on my machine. On 3 other machines the following message is displayed:

"An error occured creating object to install database(s). The .NET Framework 3.5 is probably missing. Please check with your system administrator"

The system administrator on each machine was running the install and .Net Framework 3.5 IS installed on all.

any ideas why it would all of a sudden not work on 3 machines but works on my machine? My machine and 2 of the others are running WindowsXP, the 3rd machine is running Windows server 2003 (and the install has worked on it previously).

Thank you,
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Level 7

I added some exception handling to the function that uses the DotNetCoCreateObject. The error I get when trying to create the DotNet 3.5 dll is:
Unexpected Exception
Description: No such host is known
Source: System
Help File:
Help Context: 0

Any ideas what might trigger a "No such host is known" exception?

Thank you.
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The problem was within the .Net dll - problem solved! 🙂
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