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Error: Please insert disk 1 that contains the Layout.bin


The IS 2014 Installscript installer gives the Insert Disk 1 error when attempting "Repair". This issue is seen only if the folder that containing the original setup files are deleted.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Copy the installer files to Desktop Folder
2. Install normally by double clicking the setup.exe and complete the installation
3. Delete the folder from Desktop
4. Now Go to Add\Remove Programs and attempt to repair the installed product
5. The error will pop up when the repair operation starts

The Maintenance code block is as follows:
function OnMaintUIBefore()
case REPAIR:

The normal scenario is the installer files are copied to the InstallshieldInformation directory under program files and installer runs from there during maintenance.
Even though the files are present it still gives the error.

Found the below link which has a related problem, however does not solve the problem.

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Level 2

When trying to repair the IS 2014 based installscript installer getting the following error:

Steps to reproduce:

  • After installation, delete the folder where you copied setup files. example: c:\Test\
  • Try repair from the Add\Remove programs

    Refered the below link, but does not solve the problem:
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