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Level 2

Error: Custom Skinned Dialog Button Size

I have created a skinned custom dialog and on that dialog I have placed a button. The button is sized to a larger width than the other buttons.

When the dialog displays the button graphic is not sized to match the width of the button. The text on the button (correctly) extends past the button graphic and is centered on what shold be the bounding box.

If I switch from skinned dialogs to non-skinned, the problem goes away. This seems to confirm that the problem is in the skin -- both skins built with the SDK and default skins act this way.

HELP! I'm on the eve of release and need to get the buttons to size correctly.
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Level 2

Did you happen to figure this out?
I'm facing the same issue.
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Level 3

Hi DJanos,

At the time of skin creation you would provide the button properties. These properties are different to the default buttons "which is provided by the installshield". You have to set he properties are correctly . Then you will create the skin it will work as expected you.

Thanks and Regards,
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