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Error -7354 when MSI building with InstallShield 2018 Lite

I have previously used InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition without fail when working with Visual Studio 2015.

But I am currently using Visual Studio 2017 and purchased a license for InstallShield 2018 Lite. I ran into this error -7354 'ID_SHORTCUT_DISPLAY_NAME2' invalid Shortcut column name when creating a shortcut.


InstallShield 2018 Lite -7354 error.png

I installed the InstallShield 2018 Lite without restarting Windows, and I created an InstallShield project, and I ran into the above problem. I have both InstallShield version installed. If I, however, restart Windows I am experiencing the same issue with InstallShield 2015 Limited Edition on VS 2015 when I have no issue with a long named shortcut.

I tried to follow this article, but I wasn't able to solve the problem:

I have tried the following things:
- build without creating a shortcut, and the error does not appear.
- Use the default shortcut name "built", and it fails
- Original name shortcut "Process Backplate Data" and it fails
- Named the shortcut "Process" and it works
- Named the shortcut "Process Backplate Data" in InstallShield 2015 before resting windows and it works

I am at lose on how to solve this issue and any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.  

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @jonielsen ,


Starting Installshield 2016,it has additional string validation. Therefore a project successfully built in previous versions may exhibit this error when built using InstallShield 2016(which applies for Installshield 2018 as well).You might face this for Installshield 2015 limited edition,due to some of the shared files across all versions of Installshield.

  • Shortcut name has filename datatype,hence validations of shortname have to be followed.
  • That includes:



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