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Error 6118 after installing SP1

I just installed SP1 for InstallShield 2010 Premier, and I am getting the following error message while compiling:

Building RES file: _ISUser_0xChinese (PRC): 中文(简体).res

RC : fatal error RC1110 : could not open C:\InstallShield 2010 Projects\TestProject\_ISUser_0xChinese (PRC): ??(??).rc

ISDEV : error -6118: The Resource compiler failed to build the RES file "C:\InstallShield 2010 Projects\TestProject\_ISUser_0xChinese (PRC): 中文(简体).res" required to link the DLL.

Any project that includes Chinese and an edited dialog box gives me this error.

I have done some research on this and it looks like it used to be a problem that was fixed back in InstallShield 12:

I did not get this error before installing SP1, but Chinese characters were showing up as "??". I thought SP1 might help fix that, not break it. :\

Have any of you run into this? Any workarounds?
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Error 6118 after installing SP1

This was an error introduced by SP1, and is being tracked under IOA-000052533. You can fix it by applying the file from the hotfix attached to this message. Please back up your existing ISWIBuild.dll file (InstallShieldFolder\System) just in case.
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It works!

Thank you very much!
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