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Error 2707 on Uninstall

I am trying to allow the user to set the location for their data files using some modified clones of the DestinationFolder and InstallChangeFolder dialogs. I use these to allow the user to enter a path and to perform the path check. The "checked path" is stored in a public property.

I have a folder that was created in the Files and Folders view that is called, say, DataFolder, and it has many subfolders.

I have a "Set Directory" custom action that runs "After InstallWelcome" and sets the value of DataFolder to the value that the user specified via the dialogs.

It works and all the data files go to the right place.

Then I tried to uninstall the app and I get an Error 2707: Target paths not created. No path exists for entry DataFolder in Directory table.

I have beat my head against the wall on this thing. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong, what I can do to fix it or is there just some better way to do this.

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Level 4

A little additional information I forgot to mention: The custom action that sets the value of DataFolder is also run in the Execute sequence "After CostInitialize". I have set the action to Execute only once. I have assumed that it would always execute only in the UI sequence if I was running in full UI mode and running it in Execute was only for silent mode operation.

However, in a test application I'm getting similar results when I include it in the Execute sequence but no problems at all if I exclude it from that sequence. Completely baffled here.
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