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Error 2705.Invalid table: Directory; Could not be linked as tree.


I am trying to build a Patch using the Patch Design from a Basic MSI Project, InstallShield 2015 Premier.
We have a base(release) MSI, that is pointed "Previous Setup" and used as a reference to generate the Patch.
The Patch is created and deploys fine when there new file changes(dlls, exe. etc). When I add a new folder with a file under a dynamically linked location,  the Patch installer gives a run time error "Error 2705.Invalid table: Directory; Could not be linked as tree."
I  have tried tracing the links in the directory table, and they seem to be all connected as tree.
If I remove the folder, the installations works fine.

Also, when I try to add the folder and subfolders to a different folder under the same dynamically linked folder ,it give a compile time warning for creating Patch : Val0015: The CreatFolder table contains new content.
If I remove the new folder, it builds with warning or errors.

Any help in this will be appreciated.

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Level 3

When I try to add a new folder to some other dynamically linked location, it works. But it is not working for the required folder, which is also dynamically linked.

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