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Error 1625 when using the StandAlone AutomationInterface

Hi, I'm working on integrating our installation projects with Team Foundation Server 2010. So far I have created an activity that will use the InstallShield 2009 AutomationInterface installed on our build server to automatically create installation packages for requested builds.

However, when running setup.exe produced from the ISWiRelease.Build() method (no errors are reported in this step, and all files appears normal) the installer will fail after a while with the following error:

"Error: -1625 This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator."

Building the setup (with identical files) from InstallShield 2009 IDE and installing works without any problems though on the same machine.

So what is the difference? From my perspective, the only difference right now is that the automated build is running on Windows7 64bit while the IDE runs on Windows XP 32bit.

Any ideas? Is there something I need to consider when using the ISWIAuto15 insterface? Is there any difference when building using the fill IS2009 IDE vs the IS2009 StandAlone? Is there a known problem when building an .ISM on a 64 bit machine or Windows7?

I can provide further information if needed, I really need help on this issue!

Johan Gustavsson
Saab Training Systems
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Does that link still exist? We have a user that encountered the same error in a Terminal Services environment but they should have sufficient rights to install the files and update the USER part of the registry. Not sure what's causing the problem.
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