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Error -1501, Could not compress

I'm a new Installshield Pro 2014 user attempting to add an InstallShield Installer project (basic .msi project) in my Visual Studio 2010 (windows form) solution. I've been able to convert my old VS Installer project (which is being deprecated) to the InstallShield project and been able to address all build errors except one. I keep getting, "Error -1501 Could not compress 'bin\GooWoo.xml' into '....\DISK1\'" when I right-click - Rebuild the InstallShield project.

I did some research on Error -1501 and found that the supposed problem is either that the path length of one of the files is too long or that the .xml file is too big. But neither of these situations is true. The path length of both ....\GooWoo.xml and ...\DISK1\ are less than 200 characters, and the GooWoo.xml file size a miniscule 108 kb.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions about a resolution to my problem, that would be great.
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