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Elevation Prompt Applying a Signed Patch to a Per-User Application...

I created a patch for a dual use Basic MSI package (ALLUSERS value of 2 and a MSIINSTALLPERUSER value of 1) that is, in this case, installed per-user.

I've created a patch to deliver an updated .dll that does seem to function properly.  However, during execution of the patch, the attached elevation message is displayed.

Is the signing of the patch incomplete in some way?  The original installation package had records in both the MsiDigitalCertificate and MsiPatchCertificate tables.  It's my understanding those tables are automatically populated when the signing certificate information is entered in the Release - Signing tab.

I read of a related system policy that was not present on my test machine (Server 2022), which indicates that per-user patching should proceed without issue.

Can anyone tell what might be happening here?  Why is the patch not being applied without any prompts?

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