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Editing a MSI Project

I have an existing basic msi project with one script file (setup.rul) and installshield developer 7.02. The setup generated by this project is doing the tasks like creating an .ini file, copying files to destination path.
I want to customize the setup as per my requirement now.
But i could see that the available script file is not being called.
(I understood this by placing a message box in the function definitions.Moreover,I cannot see the function call anywhere).

Could someone please suggest me the process to customize this msi project to generate the required setup.
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Level 13

I do not know if you have provided enough information to answer your question.
  • You do not mention what type of custom action you are trying to call
  • You do not mention if you have created the custom action in the MSI package.
  • You do not mention when you have scheduled the custom action to execute.
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