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Flexera beginner

Edit .msi at runtime with PowerShell?

Looking for a Powershell equivalent to opening Database. With vbscrit I could simply edit a Database at runtime by using:
Set View = Database.OpenView("SELECT * FROM `Registry` WHERE `")
Set oRecord = Nothing
Set oRecord = View.Fetch
If oRecord Is Nothing Then Exit Do
~~Retrieve row information

View.Modify 6,oRecord 'delete

~~Enter new row information

View.Modify 7,oRecord

This would edit the .msi at runtime if the condition in the registry table was found
How to do this with Powershell?
Cannot find too much info on using Powershell with Installshield or .msi's in general.
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Flexera beginner

Re: Edit .msi at runtime with PowerShell?

Microsoft Edge is supposedly being deprecated. My employer wants us to start using Powershell instead. If powershell cannot do the simplest of tasks within Installshield then we are forced to use what? Installscript?
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