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Download failed with certificate expiry error

Hi, I'm from HCL AppScan (used to be owned by IBM).

Around 7/Oct for about 1 day (not too sure), many customers reported that they couldn't update their product (AppScan Standard) with error.    We could reproduce the issue in-house. Took the trace of the update, it shows

(Agent1300:39216)[10\7 17:24:50:371]: Checking certificate against domain: in
(Agent1300:39216)[10\7 17:24:50:371]: Built certificate chain 1
(Agent1300:39216)[10\7 17:24:50:371]: Certificate trust chain has expired: 1
(Agent1300:39216)[10\7 17:24:50:371]: Invalid signature on RPC query to url 13034
(Agent1300:39216)[10\7 17:24:50:371]: Throwing exception

The issue was already resolved after some time, but still some customers asking what was the cause.
Did you have any server side (certificate ?) issue on that time? ( I have checked the  but couldn't find the cert related issue).

Thank you

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@keihcl ,


Yes, we had a server side certificate issue on that day.

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Hi, @banna_k

Thank you for the reply.

So, was it just an operation mistake on certification renewal which will unlikely happen in the future, or did you have any unnexpected issue?

As it was widely affected issue, we have some unhappy customers which we need to make some explanation about the situation for them. Any additional information would be appreciated.

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