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Download InstallShield 2015

What do you have to do to download InstallShield 2015? I'm a consultant and my client has asked me to port a project that is using InstallShield. There's some sort of automation thingy or whatever. On their current production server they have InstallShield 2015 installed. Whenever I try to download InstallShield I get the 2016 version. The 2016 version doesn't work. So where do I get 2015?!?

IMNSHO licensed software should always be freely (and by that I mean hassle free too) downloadable. It's the *licensing* that should protect your investment!!!
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I don't work for Flexera Software. Just a long time user.

I can see what you mean. It looks like a person has to be able to log into an account that had access to older versions to get to the "Archive" tab that has those older versions. They do each offer a 30-day trial period before you have to license them, but you have to be able to download them in order to install them, of course.

About the only thing that comes to mind would be to have your client download the full installer EXE of the version that you would require to work on their project and pass that to you on a DVD disk, for example.

Licensing is one thing and downloading is another. Might be a way to get there but I do not know how short of logging in.

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if you have a valid license you can go to the "product and license center" and download the InstallShield 2015 version.

If you do not have a license, trying a old version is useless.

Generally using a InstallShield software product (also in trial mode) for commercial purpose is forbidden (see EULA).


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