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DotNetInstaller causes installer to run slow... Very Slow..


Our testers were testing out our installer (an InstallScript project written in InstallShield 2008) and noticed that on some machines, the installation was running very very slow when trying to copy files to the target machine.

After investigation, I found that the DotNetInstaller.exe was causing the installation to run very slowly when there was no .NET framework 1.0 installed on the machine (only 2.0 was installed).

Is this a known issue? I did multiple searches for information but did not find anything on the subject.

Also, what can I do to resolve this and make sure our users do not see this?

Thank You,

Mike W.
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One alternative that i want to suggest you is you can move the installation of .net framework to inside of the setup in silent mode. For that you have to bundle it with the setup.

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Yeah - that is pretty much my work around, but still sounds like a bug that InstallShield should address.
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