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Don't see my application in Add/Remove Program when convert a basi to Installscript

Hi all,
I have a Basic MSI project. When I convert my project to Installscript MSI project to implement scripts for installation in silent mode. After I compile, build and run project, I found that my application (my project's name) don't exist in Control Panel (Add/Remove Program) while my old project (Basic MSI project) do.
I try to create a simple Installscript MSI project (Ex: abc project) and run. When I open Control Panel (Add/Remove Program), I can see my project's name: abc.
I wonder: Perhaps when I convert Basic MSI project to Installscript MSI project, I must do sth (code scripts or set sth) to show my application (my project's name) in Control Panel (Add/Remove Program).
What should I do now ?
It's very urgent. Pls help me !!!
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Check the following information it may help you:

In Installscript msi project window:
1)Go to media tab-->releases--->Click on the release icon then you can see the properties
2)In Properties Check the last property with name Hide Add/Remove Panel Entry
3)Make sure that it should be no...

it is also one of the cause to not show in the control panel check once ....
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Level 4

Hi sandeep.madhu14,
Thanks u very much for helping me.
I have just done following ur suggest. And I see the last property with name "Hide Add/Remove Panel Entry", but the value of this property is "No".
Perhaps it's not the reason. How should I do to see my app (InstallScript MSI project) in Add or Remove Program (Control Panel). Can u suggest me some others methods ?
Ur help's highly appreciated. Thanks thanks.
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