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Do ScheduleReboot and Quiet Installation have problem working together?


I want my installation to reboot after installing, on some condition (a key in the Registry should have a certain value to satisfy the condition).

I also want the reboot to occur regardless of whether the installation runs on Reduced UI or Quiet Mode.

I added a ScheduleReboot with a proper condition to the UI sequence.

When the installation runs on Reduced UI mode, it completes installing, then it displays a dialogue asking the user to confirm a reboot. That behavior is what I want.

However, when I run the installation on Quiet Mode, it completes installing but displays no dialogue (as expected), AND doesn't initiate a reboot.
Why? The reboot should occur automatically here, right?

I tried setting REBOOTPROMPT to Suppress. It did what it supposed to on Reduced UI Mode (no dialogue was displayed and a reboot occured), but the behavior of the installation on Quiet Mode was as before: no dialogue and no reboot.

Any ideas?

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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

For quiet installations (/qn), the install UI sequence is not run. Therefore, any actions present in the UI sequence will be skipped. To ensure the ScheduleReboot action is run if necessary, it should be sequenced and conditioned in the install execute sequence.
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