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Display OS and bits

hello installshield community.

1. How can i display to the user wheter he has 32/64 bits OS? I dont need to install seperate apps for that, I just to let him know about how much bits he has.  I found no desegnated property.

from the other posts i learned i can wrap 2 setups in a advanced suit. that can work. but is there a simpler way to just inform the user about his OS bits?


2. Same with OS,  there is property "VersionNT" it display 501 (xp) 603 (windows 😎 but can i display the number of the version itself  ("windows 10") rather than the numbers of the property "VersionNT"?


thank you!

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Level 4

a third question: can i pass properties to the installed txt file?

for example when the user install the text file, in it it will say [the value of some property]
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to the third question: change file name and file content with said properties.
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hi @norsie ,


To display the message based on the operating system bits, you can use the install condition in the general information. There the condition can be configured based on the bit specific properties listed in the below link:


And to modify the content of a text file based on the property value, can be configured in the text file changes view

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ok let me ask another question then. if [someproperty] = true.

how can i display cetain message then and other message for the opposite?

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