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Disable the Modify/Repair function when I run the installation again

I have a basic MSI project that only set some reg keys. I execute this small installation silent during another installation just for sett this reg keys. The problem is that I don´t won`t to go in to repair/modify mode when I run it next time. I wont to set the keys over and over again if it not exist.
I have tried to create a installation whit out UpgradeCode, ProductCode, Version etc.

Can someone help me?
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Level 5


I think you may use a condition with the property NotInstalled on your feature.
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You can create an MSI that won't leave any "footprint" on the machine, so it will run every time as though it were the first time. Doing that, however, also means that you lose the ability to uninstall it.

May I ask why you are using an MSI to install these keys rather that either putting the components in the other installation, putting them in a merge module, or even installing them as a custom action? Perhaps an MSI for these items isn't the most efficient way to go?

However, to set the MSI not to leave a footprint, do the following:
1. Set a property ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT with a value of "1" in the Property Manager to eliminate the Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) entry.
2. Set a condition on these standard actions so that they will not run so prevent them from writing the Windows Installer registry entries used to uninstall, run repairs, check for upgrades, etc.:

Also keep in mind that the MSI will still write registry entries for the components; because there will no corresponding entries for the product, the component entries will be "orphaned".
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